About Us


We at Extreme Cornicing strive to provide the building and public sector markets with both the best quality and most affordable cornice products. Our product is manufactured from the highest quality XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) material using the latest technology.

The XPS material used offers and insulation property in the building trade which serves as a thermal regulator to provide a more stable and manageable temperature range. The material itself does not provide heating or cooling, but rather controls the transfer thereof, in or out.  We bring a unique and decorative solution to the interior and building trade providing a wide range of different profiles, shapes and sizes to meet each and every taste.

XPS cornices are the more affordable alternatives to the wooden moulded products available on the market and when installed and finished correctly, the end result is exquisite. They are very easily installed using the correct adhesive and can be painted using any water based paint. The life of the cornices are indefinite and usually last as long as the building or until they are replaced. These cornices can be installed over existing ones and are very light weight and durable due to the rigid nature of the material. Whether you are a builder, contractor or retailer, we have cornice at the right price to meet your needs.